Thursday, 13 August 2015

From my bedroom window

From my bedroom window 1987
The summer of 87 I worked for my Dad  at the building contractors he worked for in Stirchley Birmingham. He took me out and bought me a suit, shirts, shoes, tie, everything I'd need to work in his office. We got up at 6.30 weekdays and drove up to Birmingham on the motorway. He'd given me a choice, he'd support me through foundation and on to college if I managed to get in , if it didn't work out I would come and work with him, he knew maths wasn't my strong point but he said he could always get me help to get through exams. I liked the money, I could go up to Worcester on the train with my friend Michael and spend it on records and paints, it was the first real money I'd ever earned. Working Monday to Friday recording and collating time sheets, feeding them into a computer, going out with my Dad occasionally onto site visits, marvelling at houses where concrete had started to disintegrate and whole ground floors had been ripped out in preparation to be replaced, leaving skirting board and decorated walls, but it wasn't for me.  To be honest, I just wasn't that good at office work.

From my bedroom window 1989
I painted the view out of my bedroom window in summer 1987 with acrylics given to me by Michael. Later on I'd come home for the last summer I'd spend there and drew it at night with charcoal.

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