Friday, 28 August 2015

How to paint without really looking

 That's me in the summer of 1988. I've been looking through old sketchbooks again trying to pick up the traces of where I left off a few days ago. After getting the acceptance letter for Winchester I walked into town to find a passport photo booth. This was taken in a big store called Mac Market , where everyone did there weekly shop in those days. God I was young looking!

One of the projects we did during the first year was a painting project to do with colour and still lives but rather than just painting and observational painting the tutor who's name escapes me ( Steven Bennet?) had us mix colours looking at our palettes and in relation to the subject but we weren't allowed to look at the board we were painting on, we had to keep a map of the subject in our minds and try and place the colour where it needed to go from memory. Its also a drawing technique which I quite like, to concentrate on what is in front of you without reference to the final drawing.

These were quite small about A3 or A4 size, oil on board ( the college seemed heavily biased towards oil paint) . I quite like them to do this day. This kind of drawing heavily influenced me for the next year or so.

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