Friday, 21 August 2015

London study trip at the Shannon Hotel

 Sometimes we go to places that leave echos, but we don't see those echos until much later on. In 1987 as part of the Btec course I was doing our whole year went up to London for a few days to look around at galleries and see other peoples work, one of the essential parts of being an artist is to know where you have been ( art history) and where you are going ( gallery visits) an artist without a knowledge of past and present knows nothing and cannot place themselves within the times they live in. Like an artist who doesn't keep sketchbooks or does not learn or attempt to come to terms with the basic skills of looking and drawing cannot be said to see or understand seeing . 

Some echos surface long after the event, these were photographs I took in and around London, the galleries and places we visited later on, much much later in the mid 90s my mother we would send me a bunch of photographs I'd taken then and later on which would become the basis for paintings.
The one on the left I destroyed or painted over a long while back, the one on the right , 'The magicians trick' I gave to my sister Rowena, for a while it hung in her studio.

This is the hotel we stayed at, really it was a  B&B , some of the residents were housed there by local authority's , in those days London's streets were littered in the homeless and had a tawdry down at heel feel, or so it seemed to me. I felt completely lost , followed my friends from gallery to gallery, not knowing my way around. That's James Holt at the bottom on the left . The two other works above right and below right were ones which impressed me. I don't know who they were by but very very powerful pieces which remind me now of work I saw later in Paris at the museum of oceanic art.

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