Thursday, 20 August 2015

Making prints

One of the things I really enjoyed about foundation was printmaking , later on at Degree level the printmaking department was seen as lesser than painting or sculpture, I saw it as exciting, learning a new process, being able to produce multiples of the same image , tweaking , changing colour, inking of plates, the smell and feel of the inks.

But print making can be many different things , I loved the print room at Bromsgrove , I drew the presses over and again , filled sketchbooks with them. At the same as making these : we were also being introduced to crude paintbox programs on model B BBC micros in the computer department.

The computers themselves were very crude and slow , in the first term there was only one mouse between maybe twenty computers but the head of the department whose name escapes me introduced me to primitive colour ink jet printing . It was a complete revelation to be able to take the images from the screen, print them, and then wind the paper back through the printer and print straight over the top , layering the images created on the computer in the same way that I'd begun to layer the paintings I was making.

I think by the end of the year he was having to refill the ink cartridges after each session. Even with these primitive computers we managed to use image capture from a video camera , sampling some of my drawings and paintings. Computers have been an integral part of my work since those days.

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