Tuesday, 11 August 2015

There and back to see how far it is.

 This is a crude map of the part of the estate I called home. Multiply this maybe twenty times and you have the size of the estate. All the schools I went to, the shops, playgrounds were here.

 At infants school I made plasticine planes and drew with the melted crayons of hot summers. The wallpaper in my bedroom was covered with first world war biplanes , I had books filled with cold war bombers and fighters, my Dad helped me build countless Air-fix kits, which I insisted on painting silver.  At school I wondered through class after class with a folder containing little scraps of sugar paper with tanks and soldiers and war scenes drawn in scrawly pencil.

 Most of my work from childhood only exists today because of my mother. I have been very very careless keeping hold of early work, I got back in touch with one of my best friends from college after a gap of some 20 years and he told me he'd binned a lot of stuff he'd been keeping the year previously thinking I was dead or lost.

The above is a print I made in the first or second year of high-school, I was 14 or 15. I read a comic called 2000AD then , this reminds me of the editor, Tharg the mighty, I had a voracious appetite for science fiction and kept volumes of sketchbooks filled with  hand drawn designs.  If I can find the one remaining volume I'll post a few scans of them.

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