Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Flash Forward

okay so usually at this point I'm collecting together material from the past to illustrate why and what I paint. Today we're going to flash forward to now , I've only really started painting again in the last few months after a break of a year or two. I'm not quite sure why it happens this way but I can go a few years ( 4 was the longest run so far) painting and then suddenly , nothing , either life gets in the way or the possibility's seem to have run out , but then It starts all over again. 

so I've been in the studio. It started because my girlfriend had left a small plastic dolls head on top of the old gas cooker that sits in the corner. So I already had a painting on the easel , didn't like it , turned it sideways and painted this :

 But Of course, its not enough to do one , and this one will stay unfinished , so then I thought, Ill have to rearrange my studio corner so I can set up a still life , and lights , some lights ( though the ones from my old studio , a dilapidated mobile home, tripped the main trip switch at the house, so had to rethink that one)

So after Id done a lot of rearranging , to clear the corner I could arrange still lives with lighting as I like it , and I did this quick sketch , hunting around for board to paint on because I had to paint so this one is just on cheap thin mdf faced chipboard .

And then I had to go searching through the attic for the boxes of props I've collected over the years to use in my paintings.

I bought out the old framing device I used to use 
back in 2010 , for a series of paintings I called the box paintings ( to myself) because they were objects stuffed into an old wine case I'd picked up from somewhere . But that wasn't enough , I liked the sketch it was quick and brutal and undefined , full of possibility's.

So then I thought Aah , this might be going somewhere , so I bought out my glass palette ( up until then I'd been using an old plastic one id made from perspex which had served me well but now was encrusted in paint and bumps and almost impossible to use) and started to think a little more seriously about this. which led to this painting. 

 I put myself in the painting by using a mirror . The colours are fairly grey scale , all painted on a red brown background , but I like what that does to the paint.

So now I'm painting this one ( below) and not worrying at how unfinished they are , in some ways they are just sketch's which will lead to other work . I like the speed of them and not thinking overly much , though as always I'm having to relearn how to draw, lack of practise leads to an eye that wanders and doesn't talk to the hand , but Its an enjoyable process getting it back, and also escaping the formalism of the process that stopped me painting from life a few years back .

This ( right) is what I'm working on now and below is a shot of my studio corner and the still life set up with the dolls head at the bottom that Antonia kicked the whole process off with. 

So having talked about all of that this blog is going to be on and off for the next week or so.

Studio still life setup and work in progress.

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