Sunday, 3 January 2016

End of year . Can I carry on doing this? ( Don't do drugs)

One of things about an art degree is that there are no end of term exams as such , your rated on what you do over time , studio practice and the like. Of the few photographs I took during my time at W.S.A a whole set was of the end of year review of work, this basically decided ( along with what you'd done during the year, attendance etc) whether you were going to be allowed to carry on into the second year of the course. So , we all collected everything together and put it up on the wall and had a look at it. And talked about it. 

Now what with my memory being hazy, and associated issues with alcoholism and drug taking this may or may not be that end of year review, which I suppose brings me to the preachy bit, just for those of you out there still convinced that breaking on through to the other side can be achieved through chemical means. The consciousness that asks the question cannot receive the answer if that consciousness no longer knows who or what it is. I have never made great work under the influence but only in spite of it, I have a large regret that I largely wasted my time at college due to chemicals, I've spent most of my life since then trying to make as much work as possible to atone for that. 

But I passed the first year , and these are some of the works I made.

This is just a general view , prints I made after Barcelona ( see the previous blog post) on the floor sketchbooks and drawings from the first term. What I find interesting now is some of the shapes and images are trying to form themselves into a story already ( from my experience on foundation this was really what I should have been concentrating on - I think I lost the confidence of my own convictions and it took a while to get that back -
somebody told me that you spend three years at college learning how to make work and the time after unlearning all those habits )

Im quite pleased with these still , I  went on to reuse some of the shapes in later paintings. Think the one on the right has a tiny little figure reminded me of a small baby person , maybe me, that is kind of fragile and lost. ( All of the photos were taken with a zenit slr - made from old Russian tanks and they felt like it ! Trusty and heavy ) The tutors were always telling us to record our work , something I wish I had done more of then. So many of these are lost.

The one on the left is just chaotic , an anger painting . I used to work myself into a frenzy using music and coffee then dive into the studio paint frantically for a few minutes then leave, having terrified ( or so I thought) all around me in the shared first year studio with paint flying everywhere and the balck storm of my mood. Not a good way to exist . But you have to experiment with ways of doing things 
even if they don't work.

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