Saturday, 23 April 2016

More fun with slide projectors

So after the exhibition in Cavan closed we bought the paintings back and I began to work on new things . The commune was going from strength to strength , more and more people turned up , putting up benders or living in caravans or one bus . One of the women , Grouch , left and said I could have her caravan so I turned that into my studio / living space.

we started going to a nearby boot sale on sundays , and on one of those sundays I found a working slide projector and started to experiment with making paintings using it , my mum had sent me some of my old photographs from the Winchester years and before so I started cutting the negatives ( some of which were on old 120 roll film) to fit into the slide mechanism and using very thinned down oil paint tracing around the images onto board ( have I said that I generally paint on board? More from a convenience  point of view , its easy to store flat boards in a small space as opposed to canvas stretchers , the board is also more mould resistant ) 

They started out something like this. They were taken directly from the negatives and obviously painted in negative ( from the Paris study trip I talked about a while back.

Once I had worked out the mechanics of it I started to get more complex , using multiple sources and arranging them on the fly ( Steve Payne had talked to me years before about a painter called David Salle who arranged unrelated images within a canvas and I think that may have influenced me here as well as a painter in the year above me at Winchester , Joolz Tree who I'd seen transfer the head of a corpse onto a painting using the same technique .

 The above painting no longer exists, I can't remember why I painted over it , wish I hadn't , its a combination of Ironwork photographed at Paddington station in 1987 or 88 , an aboriginal painting I took a photograph of on the Paris study trip and the wheel of fortune from one of my Tarot packs.

The magicians trick.

'The magicians trick' is probably the painting I'm most pleased with from this group , its a combination of various photographs and a sign . But also references the magician series of paintings from earlier , as I'm the magician and painting real things is essentially illusion then the magicians trick is the painting , I like making my own in jokes in my work , I don't think most people get them but as I've said before I like hiding things within my work.

In the end these paintings led on to the landscape paintings I'll talk about in the next post, but they also laid the groundwork for much later work where I use both a camera lucida and digital projector to mark out the underdrawing of my work , for instance:

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