Friday, 13 May 2016

A Telephone box somewhere in Wales

So , got off the ferry , sometime in the night or the morning at fishguard , except it wasn't fishguard port , for some reason the ferry dropped me and everyone else at a different port , Pembroke , and there was no train , they bussed us on to Swansea where I got the train out to Bridgend , where my sister was staying and working as part of an ecological outdoor education centre called Ecodysgu . We worked with children excluded from school , the locals , Bridgend youth service ( I worked with them as a detached youth worker for some very nice people , a woman called louise in particular ) , and basically anyone who wanted to try a different way of teaching people . We ran craft workshops and all sorts of different outside courses using natural materials and intuitive people led learning.

After getting off the train in Bridgend at what must have been five or six in the morning got a taxi out to where my sister had told me she was , but the taxi driver couldn't find the place so I got him to abandon me in the freezing cold at a telephone box in the middle of nowhere ( turned out to be only three miles away from my final destination ) so I could phone my sister up and tell me where on earth I was . 

The only thing I can really say is that Ecodysgu was one of the best experiences of my life , and I was sad later on when it finally went down the tubes . But anyway on with the show , I spent almost a year in Wales, time that recharged me and restored me to some semblance of balance , but in the end I returned to Ireland and then back to the farm I'd left years before , and finally finally back to the easel.

I didn't produce any work in Wales , thus no photographs , other than the snap shots of me above from a photobooth - and yes this post is a little vague , but its a different story which can't be told here ( this is just to fill in where I was at the time ).

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