Monday, 30 May 2016

Christmas 2007

Kite flying (2007)
After the anticlimax that became the first viewing of Colourkeeper at Birr I thought 'what can I do next' ? I didn't want to go back to working on the spray paint and template paintings of 2005-6 , they posed too many questions about sources and similarity with my sisters work so instead I went back to non-figurative paintings in black and white largely based on my scrawly calligraphic  handwriting.

Why black and white ? To me using black and white cuts out the complications that colour brings , a back to basics approach which strips away artifice and dishonesty in whatever question I'm asking of myself and the painting giving me the bones to hang the idea of the painting from - questions of honesty have always followed me in painting , something that goes back to Steve Payne's teachings, as I remember them. 

Rock drill

Words collapsing
These paintings were built out of words, tales of secrecy and poems , allowing me to say things in public that I would otherwise not let out of my muttering subconscious , I'm not sure they work in any traditional sense, they seem balanced , bare , finished within the definition of finish that I allowed them but , theres something missing , they are just marking time before I find the solution to the question I'd been asking myself since 2006 , given the similarities between my and my sisters work , thematically and in some senses execution ( though able to draw accurately I hadn't placed much value in representational painting) how could I differentiate what I make from her work.

There were some characters forming within the paintings but not enough to create an ongoing dialog which would interest me enough to carry on painting like this , what to do , what to do. It feels like one of those times when I've trapped myself in a corner and can't get out of it.

Wednesday , yes?


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