Friday, 20 May 2016

Lets make a movie , jaw jaw not war war.

So, as I became more and more involved with the possibilitys of digital media and making small video shorts my sister Rowena came to me with the idea of making a small short based on some of her paintings that had been in a solo exhibition at the Dunamaise theatre and gallery in Portlaois . The title of that exhibition was 'Jaw jaw' so that became the working title of the video.

The process of making it was a very crude form of stop motion animation using one of her paintings as a background and repeatedly cut and pasting different elements of different paintings in a slow progression across the screen to a script that she had come up with. 

The first stab at making it took place at Rowena's using this painting of hers as background, I eventually had to rework the background using a drawing tablet as the initial photos we had taken were too full of light glare ( this is the re-worked version below)

She had cut out various elements and with my new fuji A500 camera we spent the day shooting stills following the script . I took this home with me and started trying to put it together as an animation. I first used windows movie maker to arrange the stills in some sort of order , but the photos weren't great and the whole thing needed something more as it just wasn't working . So using the gimp photoediting software I pulled images from some of her paintings and then using the gimp cut and pasted those into the original backgrounds with elements from other sources,

some of which were from a 70's catalog
of advertising images that Rowena had found in a charity shop. Once I had the images cut and pasted into a sequence of stills I ran them through windows movie maker ( I still hadn't found an animation package that worked well in linux , it took until 2012 to work that one out with the advent of usable versions of avidemux , handbrake, stopmotion, openshot and ffmpeg on the commandline all programs I use in my glitch work) then added a basic soundtrack edited using a program called audio cleaning lab , made by magix . ( I'm posting the original without soundtrack which was an edited version of 'little fluffy clouds' by the Orb - I have no desire to recieve a dmca takedown notice from those pesky litiguous content control bots ) so you will just have to imagine it with the music ! ) 

Rowena was quite pleased with the results , I'd learnt a lot in the process and so she showed the video too the local arts officer and we applied to the arts office for a grant to make a much longer work , it recieved a really positive reaction from the grant committee and so we had the finance to buy the equipment I would need to make something far more ambitious and ultimately a project which would consume a year of my artistic life and not really be fully finished until much later , but I'll write about that in the next post.

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