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Circle of fear ( 2005-2006)

I got back to Ireland at the end of 2003 , living with my ex partner and her family ( another story for a different place) after a very dreary christmas with little or no money I finally got a job with a small company called Heartworks , set up by Mauricio Martino-Daly and Leonard Mcormack . Mauricio was on holiday at the time and leonard needed someone to help fill in whilst he was gone . you can find Heartworks website here - .
I loved working for them , a truly great small business making beautiful work to this day.

I worked for Heartworks full time from 2004 till the end of 2008 and the big crash. It gave a good grounding in craftwork and organising work and lots of techniques that I've incorporated into my own working methods . It also gave me the finances to pursue my own artistic practice and to be able to move back to farm , do up a mobile home that was left behind there and finally have somewhere again to call home. I'd work at heartworks during the day and then cycle the seven miles home and work on the mobile replacing floors , making it watertight and beautiful. Once I'd done that it was time to make new work, but what to make?

First off I started making work based partly on the stencil and spraypaint technique I'd used for the barbie series like the painting above , which used a lot of my original stencils and found objects , and then work like this:

At the time I was still quite friendly with my sister Rowena , who also paints ,( when we left the farm in 1998 she had just started to paint and I gave her the paints that I had built up over the years and didn't use) you can find her work here and here  
and had started to photograph her work for her in 2005 and 2006 , which presented certain problems for me as I started noticing how similar the themes and images in our work were .  At the time  made me question whether I could continue painting . I can trace the images and symbols I use in my work back through sketchbooks and paintings going back to the eighties and suddenly I could see the same images presented in a fashion which to me seemed familiar . So for a while I stopped painting again and started working on digital composites and working to make things sufficently different to be distinctive . 

My first experiments with digital photography yielded some images which I still quite like , basically just arrangements of the objects I used to paint from , but i will cover those in the next post , the paintings below and to the left are the last few I painted that year.

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