Saturday, 11 June 2016

Dance dance dance ( another slightly longer interlude)

Haven't posted for a week or so , I had planned to continue the narrative where I had left off previously with some photos of what I consider to be one of my more important sketchbooks but sometimes there are other things to do , other than painting , which I have been doing , or working on the house and garden.

 Ireland has been enjoying one of its rare runs of unbroken sunshine for the last week or so , so grass has been cut and an attempt to impose order on the rain ruined garden has commenced. Then there were a few days of work offered to me by the very nice Heartworks , so I've been cutting out slate clock blanks on the big bridge saw and chipping the blanks once cut and endless drilling.

 But before those interludes I'd finally started a new series of paintings based on asemic writing . Not much color yet but walking the roads and the garden around where I live I can see the greens and yellows and purples of the hedgerow flowers , the fields of buttercups and blue speedwell's ( thanks Kieran for identifying those for me )  


peony rose

The colours I think will start to come through sooner or later , but for now there are these all done in the last week or so.

Dance Dance Dance

'Dance dance dance' is the most recent ( finished today ) feels like I'm slowly working my way to the new kind of painting I've been looking for. They seem to suggest words or ideograms or a connection with meaning or story but skirt around that towards secrecy or meaninglessness which is what I'm looking for.

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