Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Talking with the spirits of the dead

As I said in a previous post in 2008 I tooed and frooed between digital work , painting and sculpture . 2008 was a great time of change and uncertainty , it became more and more clear throughout the year that the economy was crashing , work was unfortunately drying up and my boss had told me that there might not be a job for me by the end of the year , add to that relationship woes and the continuing fallout  of the break down of relations with my sister, everything seemed to be falling apart . 

I made a series of digital compositions through out the year , some of which are very personal in nature , I've posted them online before but I'm leaving them offline for now , some of them are more therapy than work , some I think still stand on their own . They were created using cut and paste techniques within The Gimp image editor , more like digital collage than anything else. I have used these techniques later on to compose paintings , making up composites from different photographs of stage sets to contain elements which it would otherwise been impossible to describe ( in 2009 I started working almost exclusively from 10x8 photographs of my stage sets and from a large 22 inch widescreen monitor as a reference point , but more of that in another post)

My spies tell me
 My spies tell me is about the paranoia I felt growing up , in a small town its impossible to be invisible , my dad would constantly tell me that his spies ( ie friends and drinking buddies ) had seen me in one place or another , making me feel as if I was under constant surveillance.

Talking with the spirits of the dead.   

The final picture , talking with the spirits of the dead is about trying to communicate with the child my dad was ( figure on the right hand side) , the possibilities and hope and innocence he contained before the life he led claimed him - the hardest part of forgiveness being to understand how we often lead a life that bends us out of shape. The pennies in my eyes are a payment to the underworld to be able to talk with him . 

As I say these works and the others I won't be posting online are highly personal , maybe too much so , and led to a certain amount of trouble for me. But I do not regret making them , but the trouble they caused gave me an insight into how careful you have to be sometimes as an artist dealing with sensitive subjects , especially if your perception of events might differ to those who have an emotional investment in a different view .

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