Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Thank god that years over

By the end of the year my boss told me that he'd have to let me go , along with many thousands of people across Ireland we were caught up in the coming crash. I was lucky , I had no great debts , no huge overvalued house mortgage, and most importantly I knew what I wanted to do , and that was paint. but before the end of the year I started wondering about what sort of paintings did I want to paint, I thought back to some of the still lives I'd made at the beginning of the year , and also to some of the work I'd made for colourkeeper and thrashed around looking for some clue as to direction, which is when I made these paintings which are kind of a throwback .

It wasn't until the new year that I'd finally find direction , for now I was getting used to the idea of being unemployed with little prospect of a new job coming along anytime soon - the state of the economy was so bad that the only choice I could make which made sense was to concentrate on doing what I loved the most , painting and drawing because everything else was fucked. Now I could keep artists hours not worrying about getting up at seven to cycle into work and back or catching the early bus from where my girlfriend lived.

I spent Christmas looking over old work , getting up late and looking at the collection of art books I'd built up over the last year or so.

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