Sunday, 8 January 2017

Year Zero post 2016 part two .

So having discovered there was a name for this supposed fault, I started taking cameras apart and rebuilding them in earnest , looking for the novel and whatever I could squeeze out of these mistreated web-cams and cameras that I found in car boot sales and charity stores , the older the better , rewiring , making breakout boxes and strange contraptions of wire and solder .

 So to start with I just started taking shots with the cameras and poking around the innards with a few wires shorting across the ccds from contact to contact , the results were interesting to say the least and very very immediate  , but still based in an aesthetic that I was used too , still life or self portrait , the old aesthetic - what would happen if I really started to corrupt the electronics and push them to the point of failure rather than being happy just to get a few more interesting effects , what would happen if I threw everything I knew away ?


To push things to the point of destruction I would need a different tool , something I could control and play with in real time - to that end I made a break out box , so I could connect one or even two cameras together to bleed into each other . And a program called yawcam a free to use web cam monitoring and recording program.

Breakout box

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