Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Don't take your eye off the prize

Dirac in mkv wrapper

Attached to our house is an old concrete farm water butt, it collects the rainwater from the roof and throughout the winter its full to the top, deep and dark water like a natural mirror that shows the bare trees at the side of our neighbours milking shed. 

Last few days I've pulled out some of my old painting props, heads and skulls and dollys and started floating them in the water and filming them with my tablet . I didn't realise until recently that the tablet filmed in 720p , and I'd been looking to buy a camera which shot in HD , with, as my partner laughingly calls ' our no monies' , but anyways by accident I found that it did , takes rubbish photos but great video, the more information there is in a video or image the more its possibilities for creative breaking increase.

A lot of what I do with video and Glitch art in general has its roots in movement , adjacent images next to each other set free of constraints bleed into each other , each codec responding differently . Webm is troublesome and open to misinterpretation by other programs , but also a favorite , so I took a dolly and spun it round on a turntable that I made and in the background a spinning wheel
and mirrors.

so this is a spinning baby ( the dolly subject of several of my earlier paintings )

And the water butt outside the house gave me this

When I make videos my intention is to break them and search through them for images that work

Or these captured from the video above

But I can't stop, I have to keep on making , everyday something new , every day novelty , once you've got a bit of momentum going you can never never stop , and whats happening in glitch at the moment feels like being on the frontier of a new form of art and a new way of seeing and speaking.

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