Friday, 23 June 2017

Cavs hexediting and screengrabs

So after declaring year Zero a while back I thought I should really start posting some more of my Glitch art . The source video for these started off life as a Vhs-c found at a car boot  in Wales transferred to computer using a capture card and a program called cheese webcam booth ( in Debian/Ubuntu) . Having transferred them to computer ( webm) I then edited and stitched a number of captures together using openshot and flowblade ( linux native video editing software ) and outputted to hd video 1270 x 720 . Then cut the film into something like 2 to 3000 individual stills using ffmpeg ( from the command line ) and batch hexedited them on the command-line using xxd and sed . 

Having hexedited the stills I then reassembled everything into video again resulting in this ( after converting to xvid and datamoshed using aviglitch )

But of course I couldn't leave it there , then converted that video to a different codec , as each codec has its own textures this codec is Cavs ( a chinese video standard which gives quite interesting effects when hex edited or sonified ) and these are a group of screen captures from that video.

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