Saturday, 20 January 2018

Its all done with mirrors.

Yep I know , I haven't posted for a long while, but if you've been following my You tube channel then you will know I haven't exactly been quiet. So whats new ? 

Wellllll I've been having various computer based breakdowns and  rebuilds , also writing an article on glitch art for the New Art Examiner see it here  

But mostly Ive been making videos and refining what I can do in processing , this is the latest called 'The strangers Holiday v2 ',  v2 because I've used the footage before but this time I wanted to see how far I could really go with it   .

It started out as a straight forward capture from vhs-c , an old tape I had found at a local indoor charity market. Having captured the footage previously I exported it as 720p (1270 x 720) hd , because the black borders that result are quite important to the next process  . I then divided that footage into two at the same resolution , then divided each segment into single frames at 23frames persecond using ffmpeg, batch hex edited them using a commandline script then recombined them using ffmpeg again .Nice and word paddy at this point .

The next process is to divide each section into two and recapture the video as images again using a frame differencing script in processing . The set up i use looks like this:

Basically three mirrors , two straight and one curved and a monitor at the back of that - I'm also using a hd webcam to capture frames during playback which are then recombined after capture using the moviemaking tool in processing . So its a lot of files and a lot of rendering time involved - everything after is put together with the original audio ( plus some spoken html made using an old txt to speech program in win95 ) and a few effects added in Audacity using Flowblade .

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