Monday, 5 March 2018


At the moment I'm obsessed by old silent cowboy films and horses, a constant theme in my work.  I've spent a couple of days putting together this video ( cowboy dreams 3 ) from various sources and using various methods . 

I found the film ' The son of a gun' on the Internet archive site ( think I've mentioned that before) , looking for things to run through my latest set up , a resurrected circuit bent webcam I first used in 2012 and a tiny 5inch Roadstar TV I found at a local junk market in working condition that is perfect for running video through as it sizes down everything so the webcam can take in the whole screen - I'm using the lens of an old play-station eye toy as it focuses really well at close distance , and I've found some really nice bends I hadn't found before . The mini monitor has really changed the way that I'm working .

 This is the web-cam in its new configuration , a lot more wires , dedicated pots , all held together with hot glue ! You can just about see the mini monitor in the background , so so tiny .


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