Monday, 14 May 2018

What is Glitch art ( Digital Transformations part 7 - Glitch art and Porn )

The one thing that the INTERNET is really good at is porn and torrents - ready source material especially the method of the incomplete download - an incomplete file will play and melt in unpredictable and subtle ways , but why use porn as source material at all given its ethical and moral implications?  Porn has the movement , texture and color that glitch works well with , and Glitch art reflects the network in which it exists  , Facebook groups , server farms , halted downloads , slow speed connections - the anticipation of loading a porn page only for it to halt at the moment of ( climax ) underlines one of the key moments in glitch , the halt state , when what is expected suddenly confounds - the narrative of this becomes the work of artists such as Mathieu St Pierre and his P2p2014 series and his newer clickbait series see more of his work at

Mathieu st Pierre - Paxxion 2014

Mathieu st Pierre - click-bait 2016

And the work of Domineco.Dom.Barra aka DMNC_RMX & NITROGLITCHERINA 

who puts the dirty into dirty new media , Dom has exhibited widely and worked with Jon Cates of SAIC   another central figure in Glitch art , and coiner of the phrase ' Dirty new media' which stands in opposition to the clean lines and aesthetically insipid look of commercial digital media and photoshop perfection . Find more of Dom's work here 

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